Who Should Use A Mycogarden From University Scientific At Home?

Who Should Use A Mycogarden From University Scientific At Home?

by Robert Mariani


Mushrooms are one of the highest prized culinary items in the world today and a mycogarden from University Scientific is just the thing to help you enjoy these treats. Just think about the famed and much prized, Shiitake mushroom commonly found in Japan or the King Oyster Mushroom not to mention countless others that grace recipes ranging from soup to even medicinal uses. With culinary mushrooms increasing in popularity so too, are their prices. For this reason professional chefs to cooking enthusiasts are turning to the idea of growing their own mushrooms from University Scientific.

Many at home growers choose to use a pre-made mushroom garden. It's small size is perfect for the needs of one house hold and can yield several harvests. While you can build your own habitat and garden, these are easy to start with and tends to be a little more sterile and clean. You can easily start the garden and watch it grow each and everyday. In some home made gardens, darkness is required much of the time.

With the big push for at home gardens, several homes have now taken to growing their own mushrooms. This saves money especially for those individuals fond of this edible fungi.

Beginners in mycology even enjoy these starter gardens as way of familiarizing themselves with the habits and process of mushroom growing. Others insist on using home made gardens that feature more elaborate and complex designs and are great for those with a firm grasp on the concepts.

For the casual garden or for the ones just starting out in mycology, which is the study of mushrooms, a mushroom garden may provide the right stepping stones.

While some may not enjoy eating mushrooms, they may enjoy the process of growing them. This seems to be especially true when outdoor gardening is inhibited either by the season or location.

Mushrooms from University Scientific come in a variety of shapes and colors, sizes and tastes, uses and utilities and a mycogarden from University Scientific is a great way to get introduced into this Alice in Wonderland world.

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