What Are The Procedures For Ringworm Treatment Immediately

What Are The Procedures For Ringworm Treatment Immediately

by Becca G Taylor


Ringworm treatment requires the application of lotions and creams on and around the affected areas. Ringworm can be just an itch for a couple of weeks or it can develop into a serious infection which may even have secondary bacterial affections. A secondary infection can be very dangerous for children and old people, it is also very dangerous for people with low defenses in their bodies.

Ringworm is a very aggressive fungus that is transmitted by contact, the contact can be personal or through clothes or a family pet. It is extremely important to control and stop immediately after the doctor has identified it due to its speedy transmission and expansion. People react differently to ringworm, some will have it for a week or so and then it will go away without medication or care.

Do not let anyone lie down on your bed either. Keep your pets off your bed and clothes too, if you see them scratching more than they normally do take them to the veterinarian for examination. IT is very easy for you or any member of your family to catch the infection from your pet and spread it to the rest of the family.

Continue application a couple of weeks after the infection and ring have disappeared. A couple of extra weeks of medication will ensure that it not simply hiding under your skin but that it is really gone. Wash all your clothes in very hot water without mixing them with anyone else's clothes until after the two additional weeks of medication.

Over the counter creams and lotions are applied twice a day over the infected area and a few centimeters out from it into the healthy skin to prevent expansion of the ring. Calamine products should be used if the itch is too much because scratching will transfer the fungus to another part of the body. Scratching will also encourage bacteria to cause a secondary infection which will be hard to cure too.

Severe, unattended cases will develop secondary infections of other fungi and or bacteria. This will require additional and stronger, prescription medication to fight it off. It will take longer to go away too. Some scaring may be left behind if you scratch the itch, it is better to apply calamine lotions on the itch gently with a piece of cotton.

Hygiene is extremely important to prevent infections. There are many viruses, fungi and bacteria floating around that may find their way into our systems if we are not careful. Washing your hands constantly is one of the ways to prevent many infections of fungus and bacteria. It is also very important to dry yourself completely after taking a shower or bath.

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