Various Cures To Easily Kill Ringworm

Various Cures To Easily Kill Ringworm

by Becca G Taylor


It is very easy to kill ringworm though you need to keep applying the treatment for about 4 weeks to completely eliminate the fungus. Ringworm is a type of fungus that creates a rash. Humans and animals can develop ringworm as it likes to live on hair follicles and the top layer of the skin. The most common places for ringworm include the groin area, skin folds and the feet.

Ringworm got its name because it can look like a worm. However sometimes the rash is just red and itchy and does not resemble anything. You can go to the doctor and they will easily be able to tell you if you have ringworm. You can easily treat ringworm with home remedies as well as over the counter medications. Prescriptions are not necessary though these may be the best for severe infections.

The main way to kill ringworm is by using an anti fungal cream. Generally a cream that is used to kill athlete's foot works well because the fungus for athlete's foot is similar to the fungus that causes ringworm. You will need to apply this cream several times a day and keep the area covered. Some of the better well known ringworm creams include Nizoral, Lotrimin, Larnisil and Desiten.

Garlic is a popular home remedy that is used to treat many things. This is because garlic has strong anti fungal and anti viral properties. You can make up a mixture of crushed garlic and olive oil and apply this to the affected area about 3 times a day. Garlic has proven to work well for yeast infections and it also can kill ringworm.

A lot of essential oils also have every strong anti fungal properties and some can be applied directly to the skin while others will need to be diluted because they will irritate the skin if they are too concentrated.

You should check on how to use the essential oil you are interested. For ringworm in particular many people have found success using oregano oil, lavender oil and tea tree oil.

Some other natural remedies for ringworm include using strong herbs. Many of these herbs and spices are quite spicy and it is the chemical that produces the strong flavors that will kill the ringworm fungus. You can try applying a mixture of crushed butea seeds with lime juice, apply a mustard seed paste, a paste of turmeric and honey, raw papaya, applying the juice of holy basil and more.

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