Mushrooming without Fear


Mushrooming without Fear

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If you are a beginner at mushroom hunting, you are likely to find this mushroom guide book invaluable. Unlike other guide books, Mushrooming without Fear focuses specifically on mushrooms that are both easy to identify and delicious to eat. Among other things, the book includes eight survival rules for novice mushroom hunters, including, “If a mushroom smells rotten, it is rotten,” and "Never, never take a mushroom with gills.” The many mushrooms covered include: boletes (red-cracked, larch, bay, birch); the common chanterelle and trumpet chanterelle; hedgehog fungus; the cep; hen-of-the-woods; cauliflower mushroom; puffball; and horn of plenty. To make identification unmistakable, each mushroom listed with multiple color photographs and an identification checklist. The book also gives information regarding mushrooming seasons, and how to handle, store, and cook the mushrooms, complete with recipes.


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Mushrooming without Fear