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Maitake Magic, Preuss & Konno

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Product Description
Can any natural remedy match maitake's healing properties? Research on Maitake has shown that it:
•    Inhibits growth of cancer cells and prevents metastasis
•    Helps activate the immune system
•    Speeds up recovery from chemotherapy and radiation treatments
•    Protects healthy cells from carcinogens in the environment
•    Inhibits HIV proliferation
•    Prevents reducing CD4 cells in patients with AIDS
•    Reduces secondary infections caused by HIV
•    Activates immune system against viruses and bacteria
•    Lowers cholesterol and blood pressure
•    Helps stabilize blood sugar levels and decrease insulin resistance
•    Can play a key role in weight reduction

According to the authors of Maitake Magic, the maitake mushroom should be considered as the fourth complementary therapy in cancer treatment—after chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. Government-sanctioned research on prostate cancer and breast cancer, where patients were given maitake extract, showed tumor growth inhibition, tumor marker reduction, immune enhancement and symptom relief. The more physicians discover about the healing properties of maitake, the more excited they become. In Maitake Magic, two of the world’s leading maitake researchers join forces in presenting breakthroughs in maitake studies, making the findings available to everyone.

About the Authors of Maitake Magic
Harry G. Preuss, M.D.,M.A.C.N.,C.N.S., author of the best-seller, “The Prostate Cure,” is a professor of medicine, physiology, and pathology at the Georgetown University School of Medicine, and the author of more than 500 medical articles and 170 peer-reviewed scientific papers. Dr. Preuss sits on the advisory editorial board of seven journals. He’s list of credentials also includes editing four books on hypertension, nephrology, and aging.

Sensuke Konno, PH.D., is assistant director of molecular urology research at the Department of Urology, New York Medical College, and associate editor for Molecular Urology journal.



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