Shiitake: The Healing Mushroom


Shiitake: The Healing Mushroom

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"Now that shiitake mushrooms have become readily available in the Western world as well as in the Orient where they originated, this is a timely treatise on the health benefits of this 'pharmafoodical.'Shiitake: The Healing Mushroom is loaded with specific and detailed information on a multitude of topics ranging from nutrition and cultivation to folk medicine and the Oriental medical perspective."
- Beverly Rubik, Ph.D., Alternative Therapies

"This book is small, yet it is packed with shiitake facts. Jones explains in clear, yet concise language how this mushroom lowers cholesterol, prevents heart disease, improves immunity and fights viral infections and cancer. All of the information is backed by pages of references, making it a valuable resource."
- The American Herb Association

"The book was thoroughly researched and well documented. I find this to be the best book on this subject."
- Making Scents

Product Description
Shiitake is THE food mushroom of the Orient. With a rich caramel flavor, it lends its seasoning to woks, soups, sauces, even candies and soft drinks. Yet few are aware that this culinary delight is also one of the most researched medicinal mushrooms in the world, used as a remedy in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries to treat colds, bronchial inflammation, and even measles. Shiitake, the Healing Mushroom, presents the compelling story of the healing power of one of our most scrumptious foods.

Over the recent few years, the growing popularity of Shiitake in the West has made it the second most cultivated mushroom in the world, after the common button mushroom. Recent medicinal research, presented in Shiitake: The Healing Mushroom, indicates that shiitake may help lower blood cholesterol and prevent heart disease, as well as boosting the immune-system and help combat cancer and viruses. It has also been shown to be a stimulant in cases of chronic fatigue syndrome.

The N.I.H. [National Institute of Health] is currently testing shiitake in their research program against AIDS.



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Shiitake: The Healing Mushroom

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Shiitake: The Healing Mushroom