The Power of Japanese Red Reishi


                Power of Japanese Red Reishi

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The ability of saprophytic (decomposing) mushrooms such as reishi to transform dead organic material into life-enhancing medicinal compounds is nothing short of miraculous, and may perhaps be a clue to their powerful anti-cancer and immune-enhancing properties. Persistent and tenacious, these medicinal factories slowly digest decaying matter to create new life from dead matter.

Japanese Red Reishi in particular is transforming lives around the world, sometimes dramatically, providing individuals who had given up hope a new lease on life. The Power of Japanese Red Reishi presents information on an herbal supplement that can change the way we live our lives.

About the Author
Dr. Meg Jordan, PhD, RN, is a medical anthropologist, registered nurse, international health journalist, editor and founder of American Fitness Magazine, and on faculty at two universities, San Francisco State University and California Institute of Integral Studies. Sometimes known as the “Global Medicine Hunter,” Dr. Jordan searches for novel healing remedies from around the world.



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