The Truffle Hunter


                Truffle Hunter

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"...the book can be used as a jumping off point to learn about character, respect, how to treat others, classism, stereotypes, and even a little about truffles and maybe even a little about French cuisine and France." --- Thinking Mother

"English author/illustrator Inga Moore tells the story of an inept pig who is abandoned in the forest where she finds true love in the form of Raoul, a wild boar. Raoul teachers her the lost art of truffling, whereupon she returns to her home with a fine chef. But she has also learned the folkways of wild boars, (especially those of Raoul), and the value of freedom. Martine returns happily to the warmth of Raoul's open hooves. With charming style the book tells of problems that reveal hidden opportunities. That's what it's all about." --- Uncle Jam Quarterly

"With lusciously evocative illustrations, this book not only gives us a picture of French life but it also illustrates how important it is to discover ones place in the world." --- Through the Looking Glass Book Review

The Truffle Hunter Product Description:
Abandoned in the forest by her human owner because she couldn’t find any truffles, Martine the pig meets a handsome wild boar who gladly teaches her all there is to know about these delicious mushrooms, and becomes the truffle hunter extraordinaire.



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The Truffle Hunter (children's book)

The Truffle Hunter